Learn to play

Play music feels good! Learn to play and make your musical dreams come true. Download the music game for free to your Mac or PC and learn to play piano, guitar, drums, saxophone and trumpet. 

Play together

Play up to 4 people together.  You can get a band if you want. The game plays backing tracks and speed is adjusted to your skill level.

150 Levels

In this game you can unlock short sections of songs by playing 80% correct. It starts easy and gets harder as you get better at your instrument. Finally become an InstrumentChamp. With in-app purchase of PREMIUM, you can also play the premium levels (inner curves) of the career.

How it works

Install the program and start play songs. For GUITAR, saxophone and trumpet, the computer microphone is used to hear if you play right. Digital PIANO and digital DRUMS is connected to the USB. If you do not have any instruments you can play with the computer keyboard. Read more here.


Have a look at how it works, in the manual.

  • Supports guitar (play along or uses microphone to detect how you play)
  • Supports piano (digital piano can be connected with midi/usb)
  • Supports digital drums (can be connected with midi/usb)
  • Support saxophone
  • Support trumpet
  • Career mode with 150 levels (on mac)
  • Multiplayer mode with up to 4 players
  • Supports midi format so any song can be played
  • Can change speed manually or the system can smart change speed automatically
  • AI mode where sections of a song is repeated in gradually increasing speed
  • Possible to adjust required accuracy
  • Support multiplayer youtube instruction videos and single player
  • New smart sheet music for saxophone and trumpet
  • See lyrics and sing along
  • See how well you played in the world and per instrument
  • See stats per section and replay sections of the song
  • Many languages (English, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Hindu, Chinese)
  • Support different piano sizes
  • Support different acoustic guitar sizes
  • Support guitar chord recognition (unique)
  • Support PC and Mac
  • Play piano by computer keyboard
  • Play drums by computer keyboard
  • Metronome
  • Show note name
  • Filter songs on most popular, newest.


As a saxophone beginner, I could play 3 songs within an hour. /Mike

Thanks. It’s an unique game making it easier to play songs together with my children. /Anne