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Playing music feels good! Learn to play and make your musical dreams come true. Download the music game to your Mac or PC and make it easier to play together. Piano, guitar, drums, saxophone and trumpet. 

23.000 songs played – January 2021


InstrumentChamp (Silent) Music Station

InstrumentChamp Silent music station for music classrooms. Or great homes.
InstrumentChamp Silent music station for music classrooms, or great homes.

Play together

Play up to 4 people together.  You can get a band if you want. The game plays backing tracks and speed is adjusted to your skill level.

150 Levels

In this game you can unlock short sections of songs, around 20 seconds, by playing 80% correct. It starts easy and gets harder as you get better at your instrument. You can unlock them together as a band. Finally become an InstrumentChamp. With in-app purchase of PREMIUM, you can also play the premium levels (inner curves) of the career.

Remember. When you have completed all the levels and reach the top, you will feel that you can play! You will also know many great songs, and you unlock the game to play almost any song you like!

How it works

Install the program and start play songs. For GUITAR, saxophone and trumpet, the computer microphone is used to hear if you play right. Digital PIANO and digital DRUMS is connected to the USB. If you do not have any instruments you can play with the computer keyboard. Read more here.


Have a look at how it works, in the manual.

  • More beautiful sound when you play, with backing tracks in sync.
  • The application analyse how you play, but you can ignore the stats and score, and just focus on playing nice music.
  • Supports guitar (play along or uses microphone to detect how you play)
  • Supports piano (digital piano can be connected with midi/usb)
  • Supports digital drums (can be connected with midi/usb)
  • Support saxophone (Quicklearn sheet music © )
  • Support trumpet  (Quicklearn sheet music © )
  • See lyrics and sing along
  • Career mode with 150 levels (on mac)
  • Multiplayer up to 4 players
  • Supports midi format so any song can be played.
  • Change speed when you practice. The system can change speed automatically so it is perfect for you.
  • AI mode where sections of a song is repeated in gradually increasing speed.
  • If you are into competing, you can see how well you played – position in the world and on your instrument. 
  • Play with your friends. Share your video on our channels so others can play “on top of it”.
  • See your statistics per section. 1-click to replay the parts you wanna improve most.
  • English, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Hindu, Chinese language support.
  • Support different piano sizes, acoustic guitar sizes
  • Guitar chord recognition by microphone (unique)
  • Currently supports PC and Mac
  • If you don’t have the instrument yet, you can play piano or drums by your computer keyboard
  • Metronome
  • Show piano hand position and note name
  • Filter songs on most popular, newest etc.


As a saxophone beginner, I could play 3 songs within an hour. /Mike

Thanks. It’s a unique game, making it easier to play songs together. /Anne  


Get started to play beautiful music – together


We want to say a big thank you to Nicholas Piegdon, who created Piano Hero.
It was the base for the initial functions of this game.


  1. Download the game (for Mac here and PC here).
  2. Follow the instructions to install it on your Mac or PC and start the game.
  3. For PC: Fill out the form, here, to receive an Activation code. Enter the activation code you have received in your email.
  4. In the main menu, select instrument(s). 


You can play along using any piano. When you play with an acoustic piano (currently in beta), the microphone is used to pickup how you play. When you play with a digital piano (recommended), it is connected to the computer.

  1. To connect digital piano, start by closing the game if you have it open.
  2. Connect your digital piano to the usb. (If you have a midi to usb cable, make sure text “IN” on the cable is connected to “Midi OUT” on the piano.) Connect the other end of the cable to the usb-input of the computer.
  3. Allow the computer to install cable drivers and follow any instructions.
  4. Restart the game and go to the main menu.
  5. When you play something on your piano you should see note names  click the Midi-input-arrow until you see “D4” (or another note) when you hit a piano-key. If not, for some models it help by switching midi cables at the back of the piano: “Midi IN” to “IN” instead. 
  6. If you like to play also chords, select difficulty “Export”. 


  1. Connect the drumkit to the PC with a midi2usb cable in a similar way as for piano above.
  2. Go to the main menu and select Drums. Play on all drums and familiarise yourself with the symbols.

Bass, snare and hi-hat is the most common drums in rock and pop beats. Crash (C) is the left cymbal. Ride (R) is the right cymbal. And then you have Tom 1-3. Read more here.


  1. Put the guitar in tune. Recommended tuners: PC: http://www.aptuner.com iPhone: Polytune
  2. Start the game. In the Menu you can select acoustic guitar, electric guitar to play chords of the song.  
  3. You can also select “Melody guitar” which let you see how to play the melody of the song, by picking the strings.
  4. Play the chords or notes when the note icon reach the hitline and listen to the background music and other players to play in sync.
  5. Before the song starts you get a change to practice the chords in the Chord trainer. Here you can improve your speed on the so important chord changes, getting a measured value on your current skill level.


Saxophone is a beautiful instrument, both visually and to play. You can buy one here. Since it has one main button for each finger, it was much easier than I thought to learn to play. In 2 hours I could play 2 songs.

  1. Make the saxophone mouthpiece wet.
  2. In InstrumentChamp, select Saxophone in the instrument selector.
  3. Play through the top line of the notes below to familiarise yourself with the buttons. 

    Saxophone Fingering Table InstrumentChamp
    Saxophone Fingering Table – InstrumentChamp
  4. Make sure the computer microphone is on a good level.
  5. Start a song and watch the note icons that indicate how to press. Play them when they reach the hit line and listen to the background music (and other players) to play in sync.
  6. It is best to stand while playing. Blow and press the fingers.
  7. It might be useful to watch some Youtube video on how to get started, and create a beautiful sound. 


Trumpet is a really classic instrument.

  1. Learn how to sound like a bee just using the mouthpiece.
  2. In InstrumentChamp, select Trumpet in the instrument selector.
  3. Select a song and watch the note icons fall down. Play them when they reach the hit line and listen to the background music (and other players) to play in sync.
  4. Note. The icon to the right indicate what pitch to blow.


You can also play using your computer keyboard: 

Remember to go to settings and turn “piano sound” or “drum sound” to turn the computer sound on for these instruments.


You start in a career mode. It has 150 short sections of songs, usually 20-30 seconds. When you play the Level with 80% accuracy, you unlock them and can continue to next. You can get more stars by playing even better accuracy. First section has low tempo (around 30%), but as you come further the tempo increases. 


The inner curve has extra interesting Levels, but is only available for premium paying users. You can continue for free using the outer curve Levels. When you have completed the first 8 Levels it is time for Celebration, as you unlock next Chapter. If you are a parent, make this something special 🙂

When you unlock Chapters you are introduced to new challenges. For example for piano, half through the levels, you need to play the base notes with your left hand at the same time as playing the melody with your right hand.

Some Levels are pre-programmed, but some are populated at install-time by the midi files that exists on your computer.

As recommended by Suzuki methodology, you will notice that some Levels feel similar. The may be repeated in a higher tempo, or merged together with other sections of the song. Eventually you will play the whole song in 100% tempo.

As you play songs in InstrumentChamp you gradually increase your user status, to finally become an InstrumentChamp.


When you have completed the career, or pay Premium, you unlock the possibility to just play any song. 


To navigate through the menues of the game you can use:

  • The computer mouse.
  • The computer keys Enter (forward) and Escape (go back).
  • To navigate using the drum: Hit left cymbal (crash) followed by right cymbal (ride) within 0,5s to go forward. And ride-crash to go back.
  • To navigate using piano, hit 4 piano notes next to each others in a row (including black keys).
  • Slide up the guitar neck to go forward. Slide down to go back.


You get more points if you play at harder skill level. If you succeed with many notes in a row you get points multiplier, which is zeroed at the first misstake.

Level overview 1. Click to play a section. If the players score more than 80% then next section is unlocked and you get one star. 90% give 2 stars and 95% gives 3 stars. First two sections are from the chorus and next two are from the verse. Finally the whole song are unlocked and can be played in full- speed.

You can click the inspiration-button to see inspirational video clips (requires Internet connection). The guitar player can practice the chord grips of the song before it starts. See the all time total score for each player.


Play the song by playing notes or chords when they reach the hitline. Listen to the background music. The better timing you have the better score you get. Due to system differences, you may need to adjust with F1 and F2 (moving notes up or down) to get your computer to show the notes at right timing.

Note that you can change speed during a song with the left and right arrows. You can also zoom in or out using arrows up or down, to see less but longer notes.

When you have finished a song you see the score and get your result worldwide, overall, and per instrument. When you are proud of your results, you can share them using the Facebook-button.  


When you play you can press Space to pause. Then you see what functions you can use.

F1/F2 Synchronize the sound, forward / back.
F4 Repeat last 10 seconds.
F5 Loop last 10 seconds until team has 80% correct on original speed. If you fail, tempo is decreased.


  • Show team score Show total score, for example when playing bands vs bands. 
  • Initial song speed 
  • Metronome volume
  • Guitar size If you have 1/2 sized or 3/4 sized guitar, they are good for children, but they are unable to make a rich base sounds. So select what type of guitar you have to help the sound recognition.
  • Piano sound on/off Usually the piano have built in sound and then this setting should be off. But for some piano keyboards where an external speaker is needed, this should be on. Or when playing with computer keyboard.
  • Drum sound on/off
  • Pause until correct If this is on, the program pauses the song until you hit the right note. Could be useful when practicing.
  • Show note name Turn off if you want a cleaner look. Turn on if you want to see and learn the note names. For beginners it could be good to tape a note on the actual piano keys for C, D, E… and then it is good to show note names in the program as well.
  • Menu navigation by microphone On/off
  • Background sound output device Usually just one.
  • Adaptive speed When on, the tempo changes according to how well you play. With this value you can set how often it changes tempo.
  • Required Accuracy Set the accuracy required for automatic adaptive speed changes.
  • Amadeus mode See below.
  • Language Set preferred language.
  • Background sound volume
  • Piano size If you turn to piano with less keys, you get a more zoomed in view.
  • Orchestra mode See below.


With this mode on, the song starts at the set initial song speed. When you play below the set accuracy it repeats the last set of notes in a lower tempo. If you still cant make it, you get even lower tempo. Until you make it. Then you gradually repeat it until you reach the full initial speed again.

Then it continues the same song where you were, until you start play below the required accuracy, where the repeat process starts again.

With this method, a song or classical piece, can be mastered in a fast way.


When you activate orchestra mode, then note indicators are shown for all instruments. Then you can play with any instruments you like. 


By buying premium you can play any song and get much more functionality.

When we get more funding we can enable our web platform functionality again:



You can create your own songs. Read more here and contact us when you want access.